The Ageless Beauty

I met Topaz on a Saturday afternoon outside a chic restaurant in the East village. She was having lunch by herself. I was stunned her beauty, her smile and her bright pink hair. I approached her ( which I normally don't do) but I had to talk to her. I was surprised by how approachable she was. Graceful, friendly, kind and ageless. When she told me she was 83 yrs young I was shocked. I asked what her secret was. She said ENJOYING AND LIVING EVERYDAY TO THE FULLEST. Something that most of us struggle with daily. We have too much on our plate that we feel is more important than taking the time to be KIND to ourselves. In the last six months I have had 8 friends btw the ages of 45 - 55 that died either from health related issues of suicide. We are living in an uncertain and stressful time, that maybe we should allow ourselves to take the time to Breathe and live like Topaz. Love you Topaz Chanteuse💜
Read her story at Sisterhood of Lolalovecargo.

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