The Tech Expert

It was so energizing to have a non pretentious conversation with Lyde Spann at her office. We spoke about how technology has altered the way we communicate and how we are so out of touch with human connection . This prompted me to confide with her about an issue that I have been battling with, and was just recently diagnosed as "Speech anxiety " this is more apparent when I have to talk about myself, I get completely tongue tied or I say the wrong things. The older I get the more I am conscious of this issue, I am learning to embrace it and let people know, so they can give me time to warm up instead of the 20 second elevator pitch😳Talking with Lyde Spann and finding out that she had some issues with hearing loss and speech impediment as a child and was able to not let it hinder her from becoming who she is today was very motivating to me. 

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